Horizon v1.6.0 is now available for download

Stellar Development Foundation has churned out Horizon v1.6.0. This release removes Stellar Core’s database dependency for non-ingesting instances of Horizon. So, from now, Horizon doesn’t require access to a Stellar Core database if it is only serving HTTP request.

This will help in separation of front-end and ingesting instances. Horizon v1.6.0 release also adds experimental support for live ingestion using a Stellar Core sub process instead of a persistent Stellar Core database.

Stellar Core now contains a feature that allows replaying ledger’s metadata in-memory. This feature starts paving the way to remove the dependency between Stellar Core’s database and Horizon

If you want to try out support for live ingestion, you must specify these parameters when starting ingesting Horizon instance:

–enable-captive-core-ingestion or ENABLE_CAPTIVE_CORE_INGESTION=true
–stellar-core-binary-path or STELLAR_CORE_BINARY_PATH

And as expected, several bugs have been fixed as well. SDF team fixed a bug in POST /transactions that could cause tx_bad_seq errors instead of processing a valid transaction. V1.6.0 also adds –parallel-workers and –parallel-job-size to horizon db reingest range. –parallel-workers will parallelize reinjection using the supplied number of workers.

You can download Horizon v1.6.0 from SDF’s official github. The next Stellar testnet reset is scheduled for 07/29/20 at 0900 UTC. That’s almost a week from today.