Get easy to read Stellar address – Federation Address

Your Stellar address normally reads like this GC4DYR…….. but it is possible to get an easy-to-read Stellar address that looks very much like an email address. For instance, our Stellar address is stellarupdate* and if enter that into a Stellar wallet like Lobstr, it will send XLM to our Stellar address that starts with GC4DYR.

The easiest way to do this is by using a wallet like Lobstr. You can also use Lobstr’s website, on your desktop to achieve same results. Lobstr wallet is available for both iOS and Android.

Click on Options > Settings

Stellar Federation Address

Now go to Wallet. Here you will find something called Federation Address. Tap on it.

Now choose a unique wallet name for your Stellar wallet. If a name has been taken by someone else, you might have to choose another name. Once, you have found a unique federation address, click on Save.

Stellar Federation Address

And that is it. You now have an easy-to-remember Stellar address. Keep in mind that there is no “@” like in case of email address. There is “*” instead of “@” in a federation address.

It is important to note that you must have enabled your Stellar wallet by atleast one XLM in order to get a federation address.