Horizon v1.1.0 is available for download

Horizon v1.1.0 is out now and it includes a lot of changes. Most of these changes will pave the way for some major improvements that will be released soon in Stellar Protocol 13.

Here is the official change log of Horizon v1.1.0 release.

* DB: Remove unnecessary duplicate indexes: index_history_transactions_on_id, index_history_ledgers_on_id, exp_asset_stats_by_code, and asset_by_code
* DB: Remove asset_stats table which is no longer necessary
* Validate transaction hash IDs as 64 lowercase hex chars. As such, wrongly-formatted parameters which used to cause 404 (Not found) errors will now cause 400 (Bad request) HTTP errors
* Fix ask and bid price levels of GET /order_book when encountering non-canonical price values. The limit parameter is now respected and levels are coallesced properly. Also, price_r is now in canonical form
* Added missing top-level HAL links to the GET / response
* Full transaction details are now included in the POST /transactions response. If you submit a transaction and it succeeds, the response will match the GET /transactions/{hash} response
* The following attributes are now included in the transaction resource:
* fee_account (the account which paid the transaction fee)
* fee_bump_transaction (only present in Protocol 13 fee bump transactions)
* inner_transaction (only present in Protocol 13 fee bump transactions)
* Add support for CAP0018: Fine-Grained Control of Authorization (Protocol 13)
* Add is_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities to Balance.

“balances”: [
“is_authorized”: true,
“is_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities”: true,
“balance”: “27.1374422”,
“limit”: “922337203685.4775807”,
“buying_liabilities”: “0.0000000”,
“selling_liabilities”: “0.0000000”,
“last_modified_ledger”: 28893780,
“asset_type”: “credit_alphanum4”,
“asset_code”: “USD”,
“balance”: “1.5000000”,
“buying_liabilities”: “0.0000000”,
“selling_liabilities”: “0.0000000”,
“asset_type”: “native”

* Add authorize_to_maintain_liabilities to AllowTrust operation.

"id": "124042211741474817",
"paging_token": "124042211741474817",
"transaction_successful": true,
"type": "allow_trust",
"type_i": 7,
"created_at": "2020-03-27T03:40:10Z",
"transaction_hash": "a77d4ee5346d55fb8026cdcdad6e4b5e0c440c96b4627e3727f4ccfa6d199e94",
"asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
"asset_code": "USD",
"authorize": true,
"authorize_to_maintain_liabilities": true,

* Add effect trustline_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities.

“id”: “0124042211741474817-0000000001”,
“paging_token”: “124042211741474817-1”,
“type”: “trustline_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities”,
“type_i”: 25,
“created_at”: “2020-03-27T03:40:10Z”,
“asset_type”: “credit_alphanum4”,
“asset_code”: “USD”

* It is no longer possible to use Redis as a mechanism for rate-limiting requests

Download the release from here