DSTOQ Bootcamp App is officially available for download

DSTOQ Bootcamp application is now officially available for download. This will give you unrestricted access to stocks, bonds and ETFs. The best part is that there are no trading fees.

As of now, only demo trading is available which lets you play around with the features of the application. DSTOQ app is important for the Stellar ecosystem as the assets being traded on the platform are actually tokens/assets on Stellar platform that are backed by real assets in 1:1 ratio.

Open your demo account to get early access to the DSTOQ Bootcamp App, and start trading with play money. Educate yourself around our app before depositing money when you upgrade your account.

However, since they are traded as a normal Stellar token/asset, anyone around the world can get access to the US stock market. They can buy and sell just like real stocks.

The application is still in testing phase so there can be bugs here and there. That is evident since no real trading is actually being done in the app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android platform. Here are the download links.