Stellar Core v12.5.0 released, brings new SCP metrics, improved catchup logging, SCP code cleanup

Stellar development foundation has churned out Stellar Core v12.5.0 that brings a slew of enhancements and stability improvements over previous versions.

You can download the source code from official Github and compile it yourself.

Here the change log of Stellar Core v12.5.0 release.

Stability improvements

* Reworked catchup code to improve its resiliency with events like running out of sync

* Improved logging and status when catching up, which gives a lot more visibility into what core is doing

* Changed the way we track percentiles reported by the metrics endpoint, with this version percentiles are using a fixed 5 minutes window, this results in percentiles to be a lot more consistent and accurate

* Fixed a hang on shutdown where core was waiting for quorum intersection to complete

* Improved how validators restart, avoiding momentarily not validating (ie, not sending SCP votes) for certain ledgers.

* SCP code code cleanup to make it easier to understand

* Fixed how we compute prefetching metrics

* Fix an issue in experimental metadata generation as certain syscalls are not supported on named pipes

* mempool, don’t bother with transactions that will fail later anyways

* Fixed various test issues – missing tests and flaky test

New features – Added new SCP metrics to help track if a validator is behind the network or if other validators are behind a validator