Euro Stablecoin EURC coming to Pendulum

Pendulum is a project on Polkadot blockchain that solves the missing link between fiat and decentralized finance. Today, it has announced their partnership with MYKOBO to bring EURC, a Euro stable coin deployed on Stellar network to the Pendulum ecosystem. 

At time of writing of this article, ~1M EURC have been issued and around 362,000 euros worth of volume has been traded. Hopefully that will skyrocket in coming weeks. 


This new partnership will allow Pendulum users to access EURC along with other stable coins such as USDC. Their users will be able to make use of EURC in fast and cost effective manner. 

Another very important goal is to offer their services in African continent. CEO fo MYKOBO recognizes this challenge and need of improving their financial access. This new partnership with Pendulum will help them expand access to EURC and other stable coins to bigger audience. 

This new collaboration will bridge gap between conventional finance and digital economy. We hope there will more fintech collaborations in the region that will allow more to access services offered by MYKOBO and Pendulum.