Exchange support for AQUA Airdrop #2

More and more cryptocurrency exchanges are chiming in to support the upcoming second AQUA airdrop. Snapshot of this airdrop is slated to take place on 25th December 2022 (UTC).

Until now, the only way to claim AQUA airdrop 2 was to keep them off centralized exchanges. You must keep trustline established to AQUA asset before and after airdrop in order to receive the airdrop. Also, you must have atleast 1 AQUA at time of snapshot to qualify.

If you have never traded on a Stellar DEX like Stellar term or StellarX, you might find aforementioned steps quite daunting and for those, keeping XLM on a supported centralized exchange might be a better idea.

Following exchanges have confirmed that they will be supporting AQUA airdrop for XLM holders.

First is Gopax. Snapshot time is January 15, 2022 09:00 AM (KST) and here are details from Gopax’s portal.

Payment method: Monthly installments of Aqua (AQUA) for 36 months in proportion to the amount of Stellar Lumen (XLM) held at the time of the snapshot.

Payment Quantity: The payment rate will vary depending on the total amount of eligible Stellar Lumens (XLMs) at the time of the snapshot. The amount of AQUA paid per 1 XLM will be announced after confirmation.

Payment start time: to be announced later.

Second one to support is Upbit. This is also a Korean exchange like Gopax. Here are details from its website.

[Estimated time for airdrop]
The exact payout schedule will be updated via a notice when it is confirmed in the future.
Snapshots and airdrop payout schedules may be adjusted according to XLM team.

[Suspension of deposit/withdrawal of XLM]
2021-12-14 18:00 ~ If the stability is confirmed after completion of the airdrop support work, a separate announcement will be made through this notice.
*This notice will guide you when we change the timing of suspension of deposit and withdrawals.
*In case of XLM deposit during a break in payout support, it is excluded from the snapshot and will be reflected in the asset after the deposit and withdrawal resume. Please note that you should never proceed with the deposit after the suspension of the deposit support.

[Common notes on airdrops]
Trading of XLM at the time of the snapshot, the buyer will be included while the seller is excluded in the airdrop distribution.
Airdrop does not guarantee transaction support at Upbit.
Whether or not the digital asset will be listed will be determined through an Upbit Transaction support policy.