StellarX exchange adds support for Ledger hardware wallet

Allowing users to directly trade from their Ledger hardware wallet is safest way to trade. Your secret key never leaves your device and for each transaction, you need to provide confirmation manually by tapping keys on hardware wallet. 

This ensures highest level of security. StellarX has added the option to connect your hardware wallet without needing to create an account on the exchange. 

ledger stellarx

How to use Ledger wallet with StellarX? 

1. As mentioned before, it is optional to make an account on StellarX if you are going to trade with Ledger

2. Connect your ledger device and then click “login with Ledger”. 

stellarx ledger wallet

Whatever orders you place, market or limit, remain active even after you have disconnected your Ledger. Similarly, you can receive funds even when it is offline. However, for sending funds or doing any transaction / trade, you will have to give permission on device. 

All trades are done directly from your device and secret key never makes it to your computer or exchange, which makes it more secure than pasting secret key into the web browser. 

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