Vibrant app lets you convert your currency to USD, runs on Stellar blockchain

Vibrant app is a USD savings app that lets you to protect your money from inflation by converting your fiat currency into USDX. Formerly known as Vega Pay, lets you convert your local currency to USDX for no extra fees. Good news does not end there – there is no cap on the amount of USDX so you can buy any amount that you wish.

USDX is Anchor USD Stellar asset that runs on Stellar blockchain that is pegged to US dollar.

All you have to do is deposit from your bank and then, that balance will show up in Vibrant.Cash that you can easily convert to USDX. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

This app is geared towards South American countries where local currencies are devaluing at unbelievable rate. With Vibrant app, you will be able to protect yourself from uncertainty of local unstable currencies like ARS and BRL by converting to USDX.

vibrant stellar app

ARS is handled by while BRL is managed by

Developed by Stellar Development Foundation, it is available to everyone around the world so it is easier than ever to do payments across borders safely and quickly. The whole point of this app is for letting any country with unstable currency to keep their savings in USD. So while US users can use it, they are not part of the use case right now.

Download the app from Vibrant.Cash. Keep in mind that Vibrant is still in early phase of development and you will have to signing up for early access in app Store before downloading it. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.