Stellar Account Viewer and Laboratory are moving to different URL

Stellar’s official Account Viewer and Laboratory will be moving to different URLs on 7th April, 2020. The URL of Account Viewer will be changed from to and the Laboratory from to in about five days from now.

It shall be noted that both of these URLs are still hosted only on, which is official website of Stellar. Please make sure to update your bookmarks.

What is Stellar Account viewer?

Stellar Account Viewer is a lightweight client that lets you manage your Stellar Lumens (XLM) which is native Stellar token. You can also create new accounts. When you create a new one, you are given public key and private key. Public key is the address which can be used for receiving XLM or other tokens.

Private key is like password which shall not be shared. Stellar Account Viewer can also be used to manage Lumens stored on your Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

What is Stellar Laboratory?

Stellar Laboratory includes tools that let you build and sign transactions. You can use Stellar Laboratory to make all sorts of request to Horizon endpoints.

It consists of Account Creator, Endpoint Explorer, Transaction Builder, Transaction Signer and XDR Viewer.