Litemint launching instant PvP card battles has announced it will be launching instant PvP card battles very soon. In the game, you will be able to collect all sorts of collectibles and non-fungible tokens that are tradable on Stellar’s DEX like, StellarTerm and so on.

You will soon be able to play the game on Litemint‘s website and mobile applications. Players can play as registered or guest players. However, if you play as a guest, you would not be able to trade tokens.

There are three game modes – Player vs Player, Cooperative and Battle Royal.

Here is full list of its features.

Fast pace, massively multiplayer IO style game.
Unique easy-to-learn gameplay with no learning curve.
Endless, instant match ups.
Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards.
Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts.
Card backs and legendary card collectibles.
All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX.
Smooth on-boarding.
Stellar account not mandatory. Players can link their Stellar account at any time.
Universal syncs on any platform.
Cyberpunk theme and original lore.
Full support for Litemint wallet apps platform features.

If you would like to sign up as a beta tested, you can send an email to with your Stellar address.