Zoom aquires Keybase to enhance its security

Popular app Keybase has been aquired by Zoom. Keybase team will be working to enhance security of Zoom app that is being all around the world for meetings and school classes.

There are no specific plans for the Keybase app yet. Ultimately Keybase’s future is in Zoom’s hands now.

In future, if Zoom decides to stop supporting Keybase, users will be early notice so that they can migrate their data and chats.

Keybase app is important for Stellar Ecosystem as it uses XLM as currency in wallet. XLM is one of fastest crypto currencies out there and transactions get fully confirmed in less than 5 seconds. Pair that with Stellar asset support, and it was evident why Keybase chose Stellar over other cryptocurrencies.

Keybase app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and android.