Why Stellar is best for blockchain gaming?

Blockchain has myriad uses, one of which is gaming. Infact, many feel gaming will be an important, real use case for blockchain and can make games more immersive than they already are.

At Stellar Update, we feel that gaming industry is ready for an important change and we feel Stellar blockchain will be playing an important part in it.

So why Stellar? Stellar is one of fastest blockchains out there with really short confirmation times. And that why Litemint is taking leverage of this excellent platform. Stellar also offers ability to trade both fungible and non-fungible assets on any decentralized exchange.


This is extremely important for adoption of Stellar as currency and token platform.  

Litemint has recently crossed 45,000 monthly users and offers some very exciting games. The best part is that it offers collectibles which are actually Stellar assets and that makes them tradeable over Litemint’s own exchange.

Since Litemint’s exchange offers direct access to all pairs accessible on any Stellar decentralized exchanges, you can trade all sorts of Stellar assets / tokens. This will also help remove grey market trading of in-game assets.

With blockchain integration, Litemint is attracting gamers to a collectible market. This gives immutable ownership of in-game items to users. These items cannot be hacked or taken away from users as they are stored on blockchain.

Litemint’s website is extremely user-friendly. To get started, just download their cryptocurrency wallet that is pre-loaded with free instant games. There are daily live challenges and rewards that go directly into your wallet.

The wallet is available for Google Play Store, Mac OS, Linux OS and Windows OS. There is even web app so you have excuse to try it out. Litemint app’s source code is opensource and available to everyone at github.


Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollars market and Litemint wants to be at forefront at blockchain gaming. However, Litemint’s approach to never make players feel that they are playing a game made for solely for blockchain integration. They feel a game should feel like any other game where players that are not interested in blockchain can feel right at home.

We are sure Stellar blockchain will popularize blockchain integration in gaming industry and industry players like Litemint will encourage game development outside monopolistic gaming industry.