Vibrant app adds push notification support

Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has rolled out 0.95 version of Vibrant app that has new features and fixes bugs. Formerly known as Vega, this app is an initiative to prevent countries with unstable currencies to move to hold USDX. This USDX is Anchor USD, a Stellar asset that runs on Stellar blockchain. It is pegged to US dollar so its value is always equal to 1 dollar.

Vibrant v0.95 version adds push notification support that will alert you whenever you get a deposit or withdrawal. You can turn this on by going into Settings in app. Other than addition of push notification, SDF has also fixed many bugs in this version.

Keep in mind that Vibrant is still in beta stage and while we did not find any bugs in this or any release so far, we suggest using some other popular Stellar wallet for storing XLM and assets.

vibrant app

Right now, only two fiat currencies are supported – BRL and ARS, so clearly it is currently aimed at South American nations where people are searching for more stable currencies and assets.

If you come across any bug, you can send your feedback via email to its developer. Their address is To download app, visit