Ultra Stellar Acquires StellarX cryptocurrency exchange

Company behind popular cryptocurrency wallet Lobstr, Ultra Stellar LLC has acquired StellarX, a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. StellarX was previously sold to Coinsquare.

StellarX is a decentralized Stellar exchange that lets you trade directly from your wallet. It also lets users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and various stablecoins available on Stellar network.

Another feature that gives StellarX an edge over other Stellar DEX is its global fiat gateway that lets its users buy and sell digital assets using their bank account. And since it is a DEX, there’s no middleman involved.

Ultra Stellar now owns two Stellar DEXes – StellarX and Stellar Term which is also listed on leading price tracking website, Coinmarketcap. It also owns Lobstr, a very popular Stellar wallet. Lobstr is available for iOS, Android and as web wallet.