Ukraine President meets Stellar Development Foundation representatives

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a meeting with representatives of Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) in San Francisco. President and his team discussed prospects of development of IT sector and innovations in Ukraine. 

Ukraine is currently developing a virtual asset market and on verge of issuing its own digital currency. Stellar network is perfect for issuing CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), thanks to its extremely low, near-0 fees and almost instant confirmations. 

He also welcomed SDF to open expand its activities in Ukraine and open R&D center. We believe Ukraine will bolster Stellar Development Foundation’s image in eyes of US government as it is a strategic ally for obvious reasons. 

Also, the country of Ukraine does needs help in banking and financial sector. While we are not sure efficient payments will save the day, they certainly would not hurt. A network like Stellar is a great way to track corruption. 

Is this bullish for XLM? Certainly as XLM is the main token of Stellar network. More and more will get to know about XLM and it can eventually increase price of XLM.