Trezor tutorial for sending and receiving Stellar Lumens

Does Trezor support Stellar Lumens? Absolutely and in this article, we will show you how you can send and receive XLM on Trezor hardware wallet.

Trezor hardware wallet supports variety of coins and Stellar Lumens is one of them. To get started, connect your Trezor to your computer and open This is the official website for managing coins on your Trezor.

We are assuming that you’ve already installed Trezor bridge on your computer that lets your computer talk to Trezor and validate transactions.

Sending and receiving Stellar Lumens on your Trezor

Step 1 – Connecting Trezor

Connect your Trezor and enter your pin on From the drop down, select Stellar (XLM).

trezor stellar lumens

You will get pop up saying “You will be redirected to external wallet“. Click on “Go to external wallet”.

This will open Stellar account viewer page that is hosted on Click on blue button that says Sign in with Trezor.

stellar account viewer trezor

This will open another webpage asking you to export Stellar address for account #1. Click on green Export button.

Step 2 – Sending Stellar Lumens

You will now be taken page where you will be shown your XLM balance along with your Stelar public key. This public key is your Stellar address and this is where you send XLM.

When sending XLM to this address, you do not need to add Memo. However, while sending XLM to an exchange, in most cases, you will have to add both address and memo. If you do not memo, you will have to go through exchange’s support. Nobody wants to do that.

sending xlm through trezor via stellar account viewer

However, if you are sending to non-exchange wallet, you may or may not have to add anything on Memo field. In most cases, leave it blank.

Step 3 – Confirming transaction on Trezor

Once you’ve entered address, amount and optionally, Memo, click on blue button that says Send lumens. Click on Submit transaction.

A webpage is open asking you for permission. Click on blue button Allow once for this session > enter pin for your Trezor > accept the transaction on your Trezor.

You must do the last step really fast. If you do not confirm transaction on Trezor fast enough, transaction may fail.