StellarTerm trading exchange redesigned, improved, implements SEP-29, SEP-24

Stellar Term was one of first exchanges to take advantage of Stellar DEX feature. Today, Stellar Term developers have churned out updated version of their decentralized exchange with complete redesign and a host of updates under the bonnet.

The new Stellar Term brings redesigned onboarding, renewed Send form, Deposit / Withdraw support, improved trading interface and updated desktop trading app.

new stellar term

Here is how the Renewed Send Flow looks like. Users get ability to view reserved XLM balance, updated payment summary form, reverse federation requests etc.

memo while sending funds to exchange

Stellar Term team has also implemented SEP-29 that automatically asks user to enter memo which is important for sending funds to an exchange address.

usd to mxn on stellar term

SEP-24 is also fully supported. This brings better user experience by improving interaction between wallets and asset issuers. A real life example of this is ability to send USD to someone based in Mexico and they can withdraw Mexican Peso (MXN) via bank.

updated trading user interface

Trading user interface has improved a lot. There is a category for Top volume markets.

stellarterm desktop builds

Their team has updated the desktop builds as well which now offer identical features as its web counterpart. The desktop build is available for Windows 64-bit, OS X and Linux 64-bit. You can download them from Stellar Term’s github here.

Here is changelog of desktop build:

New charts on the exchange page
Editable open offers
Trades history tab on the exchange page
Top volume markets tab on the markets page
Trezor support
Send page improvements
Activity page
Multiple design improvements;
Directory updates;
Multiple fixes and improvements;

Trezor support in Stellar Term

And last but not the least, Stellar Term now officially supports Trezor hardware wallets which now allow Trezor users to trade and manage their XLM and Stellar assets directly from their hardware wallet. Ledger Nano X users can also now use Stellar Term without any issues.

stellar term knowledgebase

The team has churned out 22 articles in their Knowledge Base which explains various features of their excellent decentralized Stellar exchange. Check out Stellar term and start trading now.