Stellarport with new UI, non fungible token trading launching on June 19

New, refreshed, and refactored Stellarport is coming soon. If all issues are ironed out on time, then we are told Stellarport will be back up and running around June 19th which is only few days away from now.

Stellar Protocol 13 upgrade brings in a ton of new features underneath and this brought compatibility issues especially when Core and Horizon databases were tightly tied together. This was case with Stellarport that one of the first Stellar DEXs decentralized exchanges out there.

This refactoring was much needed in order to prevent similar down times in future. And this is the very reason Stellarport team had to disable most of its features while it upgrades to Stellar Protocol 13.

Most services including full wallet access and trading are expected to be back by June 19th 2020. As mentioned earlier, Stellarport team is using this time to introduce a brand new user interface and other perks like non-fungible token and collectible token trading to its users.

This means you’ll be able to trade collectible tokens earned on Litemint’s games right inside Stellarport.

Exciting times ahead for Stellar ecosystem and we hope, it will be well worth the wait.