StellarPort to release new exchange UI after maintenance

StellarPort is a decentralized crypto exchange for trading Stellar tokens and assets. The exchange is currently in maintenance mode as it upgrades its backend to latest Stellar Protocol 13 that we mentioned few days back.

However, that has brought unforeseen incompatibilities with the new Stellar ingestion engine. Right now, StellarPort is not letting users do any trades as they refactor the affected backend services so that moving forward they can remain fully compatible with major upgrades from the Stellar network.

This refactoring work is going to take some time and requires a fair amount of testing.

To make the best of this downtime, StellarPort has announced that they will be introducing a faster and friendlier UI (with basic and advanced mode), better asset discovery and browsing.

It shall be noted that StellarPort is just an interface to Stellar DEX functionality that is built into Stellar ecosystem. So, you can use any other Stellar DEX such as, InterStellar.Exchange or even wallets with DEX functionality to do trades. Supported wallets include Lobstr and Solar.

Stellarport adds that basic wallet functionality is still available on the exchange so you can still send, receive, and fully manage your Stellar accounts including data, orders, signers, security features (2FA, keystore), and merge. Assets management is also fully functional.