Stellar Tip will be boon for creators and developers

Stellar Tip is a unique way to support local content creators and open source developers. It is a chrome extension that lets you tip content creators and developers on YouTube, Twitch and Github.

As its name suggests, it makes use of Stellar platform which means transactions are settled almost instantly.

One amazing feature of Stellar Tip is to tip using XLM, USD, EUR and CAD.  

It is also possible to see history of the tips made in past. Stellar Tip utilizes Stellar’s SDK to query previous transactions for a user on Stellar blockchain and generate URI following SEP 7 protocol to Stellar wallet with the transaction information preloaded.

Popup in Twitch

At the same time, Stellar Tip stores additional metadata about the content creator’s information on their own servers.

The developer behind it has been announced as winner at Hack NYU. It is not currently available for download but developer has made the code available at Github.