Stellar Protocol 15 voted to go live

Today was the day to vote for Stellar Protocol 15 and community has accepted the new features which will go live with it. This includes claimable balances and sponsored reserves.

Both of these new features were already live on Stellar network’s testnet. This allowed developers to update their applications and test these two new features introduced in Stellar Protocol 15.

This is also the first time a Stellar Protocol has skipped a version, jumping directly from Protocol 13 to 15. The version 14 was skipped as it caused validators to crash. Other than that, the feature set of v15 is same as v14.

The v15 protocol went live earlier today at 1600 UTC and if you still have not upgraded to latest software, upgrade to Stellar Core v15 or Horizon v1.11 as-soon-as you can. In case you are running Stellar SDK, upgrade to latest relevant release. Also, if you are running a version that already supports Protocol 14, you are all set.

It is important to upgrade to latest protocol as Stellar Core will throw an error even though all functions will continue to work as expected.