Stellar Protocol 15 to supercede Protocol 13

Stellar Development Foundation has announced that public network will no longer upgrade their protocol to v14. Instead, the team has announced they will be scheduling a validator vote to upgrade directly to Stellar Protocol 15.

The features of Stellar Protocol 15 are same as v14. The only difference is that the developers have caused validators to crash.

Stellar development foundation has churned out the v15 already on testnet. If you are on Protocol 13, you can already upgrade the Stellar core to v15 release candidate. If you are running Horizon, you can install v1.10.1.

Voting for upgrading to Stellar Protocol 15 is scheduled for 23th November 2020 at 1600 UTC. If you are running either Stellar Core or Horizon, install Protocol 15 as-soon-as possible. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are already on Protocol v14, you do not need to do anything. This is because v15 is same as v14 at SDK level.

Stellar Protocol 15 improvements

  • When you launch a product on Stellar, you won’t have to start by educating users about lumens and trustlines
  • Anchors will be able to onboard users without sending them to third-party crypto exchanges
  • Apps will be able to move everything crypto-related to the background.

And if you have not upgraded to latest software already and you are on v13, you must upgrade to v15 RC in order to vote on 11/23/2020.