Stellar Protocol 14 and Horizon 1.9.0 RC available for download

Stellar Development Foundation has churned out v14 of Stellar Protocol and v1.9 of Horizon. If you are a developer or run full node you will have to make sure that you prepare for the public network upgrade that is slated to roll out on 28th October 2020. If you are on testnet, the date is 30th September 2020.

Compared to Stellar Protocol 13 that required time consuming database migrations, this upgrade will be painless. As expected, all the Stellar Core, Horizon and SDKs are backwards compatible which means wallets and services that do not perform this update will continue to function just fine.

If you are a user and do not run a full node, you do not need to do anything. The wallet providers will perform the upgrade for you. No action is needed from your side.

* 08/20/2020: Stellar Core v14.0.0
* 09/21/2020: Horizon v1.9.0 Release Candidate
* 09/30/2020: Horizon v1.9.0 stable release
* 09/30/2020: Testnet upgrade
* 10/28/2020: Public network vote to upgrade

The Stellar Protocol 14 brings numerous fixes and new features. This includes improved caching strategy; better I/O handling, prefetching and support for scaling simulations.

You can download latest release from here. Here is complete list of new features.

* Added new options to “run” to specify the starting ledger this allows core to resume from the right place in history as needed by the consumer of “captive core”.
* Added ability to pass in ledger sequence number and close time to “manual close” this makes it possible to test even more behaviors by consumers of stellar-core.
* Improved output of the quorum endpoint to report perceived latency of validators in the quorum set.
* Added a new property in archive files to track which network the archive is tracking.
* Implemented ability to securely sign transactions from the command line on Windows.
* Allow to access HTTP endpoint when running command line catchup.
* Allow setting the HTTP port configuration to 0 as to disable the HTTP endpoint.
* Protocol 14 support for scaling simulations.