Stellar Lumens becomes fifth most bought cryptocurrency in USA

Stellar Lumens has become the fifth most bought cryptocurrency on the Uphold app. Americans are able to buy XLM on Uphold easily using bank account, credit/debit card, Uphold card, Interledger payment pointer and using other cryptocurrencies.

uphold xlm

In an article, Uphold mentions about spring-boarding ICOs on its built-in decentralized exchange. They also talk about partnerships with Deloitte, Stripe, Tempo, SatoshiPay and Wirex. 

Uphold forecasts that XLM’s value could quadruple by next year bringing the price of one Lumen to $0.40 and reach 22 dollars in 2022. They also say the price can drop to as-low-as $0.02 in 2021. Stellar Update suggests you to do your own research when it comes to price.

You can also automate your transactions in Uphold app which will automatically buy Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin and other supported cyptocurrencies on the platform. This feature is also available on Coinbase and Anchor USD, both of which let you schedule recurring transactions.

Just keep in mind that Uphold does not allow users to withdraw cryptocurrencies from their platform. Like eToro, folks at Uphold buy cryptocurrencies for you but do not allow users to manage them. So, all you can do is buy, hold and sell XLM and other cryptocurrencies.