Stellar Lumens added to Bitstamp exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has added Stellar Lumens (XLM) to their exchange. Users will be able to trade Stellar Lumens with USD, EUR, BTC and GBP.

Users will not have to bear any trading fees until 1st of September 2020.

Till 15th June 2020, XLM will be available in “Transfer-only mode”. Under this, only deposits and withdrawals would be open but trading won’t be activated. Then, on 17th June at 7 AM UTC, Bitstamp will enable Post-only mode where users will be able to place or cancel their limit orders.

Orders will not be matched and thus, no orders will be executed. Limit-only mode will be enabled on the very same day, 17th June 11 AM and order matching will start. Limit orders will be only type of orders that are made available.

Full trading will be enabled once there is sufficient liquidity on Bitstamp. All other order types like Stop-Limit will be enabled as well. Card purchases for XLM will go live once full trading has been enabled.  

Other than Stellar Lumens, Bitstamp will also be adding Paxos Standard (PAX), a stable token pegged to US dollar on the very same day with zero fees as well.

Here is full list of XLM and PAX trading pairs that will be going live on Bitstamp.