Stellar Development Foundation supports BLM movement

SDF has expressed concerns about the inequalities and racial profiling being happening in United States. In a blog post, Stellar Development Foundation has made it clear that it stands in solidarity with protestors and work in parallel with those who seek equality.  

SDF believes that real change is required in USA and in other countries around the globe in order to create an equitable world.

While SDF has remained silent on this very issue from past week, it thought that it was required that silence could be mistaken for apathy or ignorance.

Stellar Development Foundation was founded on belief that inequalities from removed from the global financial system and technology will be playing a crucial role in this. Stellar’s mission is to create a difference by creating a more equal environment.

It is important to solve inequality and injustice about what we say and what we do. SDF’s focus has always been to create equitable environment by using technology as driver.