Stellar Development Foundation sponsors Hack the System

Stellar Development Foundation is one of gold sponsors for this 2021’s Hack the System which is a 10 week blockchain hackathon. More than 75 universities across the world took part in last year’s hackathon.

Pre-registration starts on 25th February 2021 and ends on 29th March 2021.

Stellar Development Foundation will be offering total of $6,000 in prices in XLM. If you are a developer looking to get into blockchain, make sure to check out Hack the System’s website. This hackathon begins on February 25th and runs for 10-weeks. Submissions end on 2nd May; judging starts early May 2021 and prizes will be distributed in mid of May 2021.

It is great to see SDF supporting Encode Club’s hackathon whose purpose is to educate, support and catalyze the emergence of new talent into the blockchain space.

Anyone can take part including students, researchers, graduates and hackers. Last year, over 3000 hackers took part and this year, we are expecting more to show off their skills.

To learn more about the Hack The System, feel free to visit their website