Stellar Community Lab Fund voting is now live

It is that time of the year – vote for your favorite projects in Stellar Community Lab Fund. The Stellar Community Fund is a grand program that gives anyone a grand chance to kick start their Stellar based projects and it gives you, the Stellar community to decide which project deserves Lumen awards.

The lab fund is for experimental use cases, open source software, documentation, events and so on. There are nine finalists and you can vote by going to Register, login and then give thumbs up or thumbs down and prize pool of 500,000 XLM will be allocated based on your votes.

Registration requires you to provide your phone number. Make sure to add country code as well in order to receive SMS. You get 100 credits so vote wisely.

There are a lot of developers from all over the world to show their projects on Stellar Network. If you are from this great community, make sure you vote for the best project.

Stellar Community Fund

This is your chance to show and demonstrate what projects you care and participate in democracy. We at Stellar Update urge you to go vote.