Stellar Account Viewer updated, focuses on security

Stellar Account Viewer allows users to manage XLM and Stellar tokens. Over the past years, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has rolled out myriad updates for account viewer. Until now, the most straight-forward way to log-in was using secret key, which gives user full access to manage their funds.

But, due to plethora of phishing attempts, it was evident that logging-in using a secret key was not the best option, which is why SDF has churned out a brand new version that now lets you log-in using a browser extension; browser wallet and hardware wallets.

It is clear that while working on this version of account viewer, Stellar Development Foundation had main focus on enhancing the security. Logging-in using secret key now takes the back seat as it is now mentioned as fifth option.

stellar account viewer

The top four options to log-in into account viewer include Albedo, Freighter, Ledger and Trezor.

Ability to connect using secret key and generate secret key options are still there, but it is clear that SDF wants you to use more secure methods like browser extension, Freighter or a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor to manage Stellar Lumens and tokens.

Also, the new account viewer gives you link to Stellar Expert after every transaction.

Overall, this is a great upgrade to Stellar account viewer with support for new browser extentions, wallets and Stellar Expert integration.