SenTIt Stellar wallet lets you send cryptocurrency using email address

SenTit, previously known as SendIt, is a simple, yet powerful Stellar wallet that lets you send and receive cryptocurrency payments using your email address. It hits beta today and you can test it by downloading it from Google Play Store.

To send money to your friend using SenTit, just enter their email address instead of enter that long string of blockchain address.

Its developer has made of cross asset payment feature of Stellar network that allows sender to receive a different asset even though you sent him a different asset. Example: you can send him XLM and he can receive payments in euros. This conversion is done within couple of seconds and converted asset is sent near-instantly.

SenTIt also features fiat on and off ramp. This allows you to deposit and withdraw fiat to your bank. This feature is limited to few countries though.

All transactions made on SenTit can be tracked on any Stellar blockchain explorer like

Download SentIt for free from Play Store.

Fund fact – Team behind SentIt is very talented and they were one of winners of Stellar Community Fund, Round #4.

Note – The link is not working for unknown reason.