SatoshiPay crosses 1 million euros in blockchain-based content payments

SatoshiPay has announced a major milestone of crossing 1 million euros in borderless content payments.

SatoshiPay allows content publishers to sell their content and receive funds within seconds from anywhere around the world. This is because it makes use of Stellar network to process the payments.

Publishers are able to receive payments within seconds from almost all countries around the globe. Fees and affiliate share are automatically deducted and VAT is sent to dedicated blockchain accounts for better fund management.

SatoshiPay specifically credits its 1-million-euro milestone to two publishers – Axel Springer and Borsenmedien. Axel Springer offers real time incident mapping service, Tatorte. Here, SatoshiPay handles payment processing between Axel Springer and users.

satoshipay in action

Borsenmedien runs a German investor magazine, Der Aktioar. Users can unlock premium content by making payments that are handled by SatoshiPay. Payments are processed within seconds and without reloading the page.

Business owners could any amount of payments, large or small, for both offline and online payments.

SatoshiPay will be launching beta version of their B2B solution later this year. If you are interested, visit This solution will be making use of same payment backend that it currently uses for its micropayments service.