Registration opened for Stellar Meridian 2020 blockchain conference

Registration for the Stellar’s Meridian 2020 is now live. Meridian is a blockchain conference that brings speakers and content from and beyond the Stellar ecosystem.

Due to ongoing pandemic, Stellar Development Foundation has decided to make Meridian 2020 a virtual conference. Meridian will be hosting networking sessions where you will be able to meet Stellar enthusiasts.

Stellar community will be showcasing roundtables, interactive builds, demos and fun discussions throughout the week.

Reid Hoffman is one of Meridian 2020’s featured speakers. He is co-founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock and he has been integral in building many leading consumer technology businesses.

Reid Hoffman

Another influential figure, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia and first elected female head of state in Africa is also going to speak at Meridian 2020. Her work to ensure women have full financial and political participation earned her the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

To register for Meridian 2020 online conference, visit Registration is totally free and quick. All you have to do is complete the form and you will receive all the details on your email address.

Meridian 2020 conference will start on November 16th 2020.