PAYMYNT acquires LettucePay to bring cryptocurrency payments at retail locations

LettucePay, a cryptocurrency PayTech firm has been acquired by PAYMYNT, a Boston-based FinTech startup. LettucePay app makes use of Stellar network’s open source technology for converting blockchain tokens for retail businesses into USD payments for near-zero fees.

PAYMYNT Financial will soon be launching a shopping rewards app. Called PAYMYNT Rewards, this app will attract consumers who currently do not understand the benefits of a blockchain. LettucePay’s tech will also be used for converting PAYMYNT shopping rewards into all sorts of digital assets including bitcoin, bonds and other cryptocurrencies.

And since PAYMYNT rewards app also makes use of Stellar network to make payments, they will be saving on payment fees for both merchants and consumers.

LettucePay, winner of fourth Stellar Community Fund, was approached by PAYMYNT financial team. LettucePay team saw PAYMYNT’s offer to acquire them as an excellent opportunity to expand their reach of cryptocurrency payments and help users gain more control over their personal finances. This is made possible by Stellar network.

LettucePay founding member, Brian Goldberg will join PAYMYNT Financial as their new Blockchain Advisor. PAYMYNT team will be making use of LettucePay’s tech to bring cryptocurrency payments to a variety of merchants by the end of 2021.

PAYMNT Rewards app will be available for download on iOS and Android app stores by Spring.