NiceTrade adds Ledger integration and Swap support

NiceTrade was one of winners of Stellar Development Fund. It is a non-custodial decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and account manager. Over the past few weeks, its developer team has announced two big updates – Ledger hardware wallet integration and Swap support.

Ledger integration will allow you to trade XLM and Stellar assets directly from your Ledger hardware wallet. This means your coins and tokens never leave your hardware wallet.

nicetrade ledger

Ledger supports multiple accounts and all of them can be managed using NiceTrade. No information is stored on NiceTrade.

NiceTrade developers have also added Swap functionality. The UI is very similar to Uniswap where you can instantly swap between any two supported Stellar assets. The best part is there are near-zero fees, which is unheard of in Ethereum community. Also, the swaps are completed within five seconds.

nicetrade swap

Of course, if you want to place limit orders, you would have to use advanced user interface of NiceTrade.

NiceTrade is project made possible by Stellar Development Fund and it is nice to see it adding new features. It is a 100% decentralized exchange where users are in complete control of their funds. Give it a spin at