NFT tokens go live on Litemint exchange

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) go live on Litemint exchange. These tokens represent upgrades or collectibles like crypto kitties. The only difference is that they are on Stellar blockchain instead of much slower, Ethereum.

Tokens like Crypto Kitties were issued as ERC721 tokens on Etheruem and were hugely popular during the 2017 bullrun. Such NFT tokens are now possible on Stellar blockchain with help of batching and atomicity where multiple operations are guaranteed to be included in single transaction or else, they all fail.

NFTs can also be used for enabling addons and storing them on stellar blockchain. For example, you buy an addon for a zombie which transforms final look of your zombie.

litemint addons

You can buy or sell NFT tokens on any Stellar DEX and that includes Litemint apps,, and so on. To view all NFTs on Stellar blockchain, feel free to visit where you can find demo of NFT token.

Like any Stellar token, you can buy or sell NFT tokens as well. Here is a screenshot that shows Zombie token being sold for Bitcoin on Litemint.

stellarmint trading

Here are requirements for Litemint’s NFT tokens.

1. decentralized verification of NFT contract terms on Stellar blockchain
2. Token should be tradeable on Stellar decentralized exchanges
3. Optional traits mechanism and immutable meta data.