NFT marketplace now live on Litemint

Many of us are frustrated with high gas fees on Ethereum blockchain which is currently the most popular platform for buying and selling NFTs. Litemint makes use of Stellar network and this allows users to buy and sell NFTs at near-zero fees. Also, the transactions are near-instantaneous, settled within 3-4 seconds. 

Litemint’s NFT marketplace is now live on its website, and anyone can express their creativity, explorer, sell and trade NFTs. Minting cost is $1.59 which is nothing compared to what one pays on Ethereum platform, ~$100+. 

You can already use your Litemint wallet to mint tokens. For that, go to Explorer -> App -> Litemint marketplace

If you are using Litemint’s app, login is automated. Alternatively, you can use other wallets as well, including Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. You can also use Stellar’s browser based Freighter wallet which is often called Metamask for Stellar network. 

Supported cryptocurrencies and tokens, other than XLM include USDC, CREDIT and ETH. This ETH is tokenized on Stellar platform so you enjoy all the benefits of Stellar such as low-fees and instant transactions. 

Visit and connect your favorite Stellar wallet to buy/sell NFTs.