Trading on StellarPort goes live along with improved UI and updated asset search engine

Trading has resumed again on the most popular Stellar DEX, As mentioned earlier, the new StellarPort features a brand-new user interface and support for non-fungible Stellar assets.

Previously, StellarPort’s Core and Horizen databases were tied tightly together and this brought several compatibility issues after upgrading to Stellar Protocol 13. Developers at StellarPort decided to use this downtime to upgrade user interface as well.

Here are the improvements that we have discovered so far:

  1. Brand new user interface
  2. Updated wallet UI
  3. Support for non-fungible Stellar assets
  4. New assets search engine with new scoring system

StellarPort is now owned by Litemint that lets you play games and earn/trade collectibles which run on Stellar platform.

Right now, StellarPort is making use of official SDF nodes for managing the trades so users are limited by rate limits. These limits will be removed once their developers reconnect to StellarPort’s own nodes.

Anchor deposits and withdrawals for non-Stellar assets like XRP, Ethereum and Bitcoin will be enabled next week. Until then, users are requested to make manual requests by contacting StellarPort’s support at

We will be updating this article as we find more new features.