Lumenswap adds Spot Trading feature for advanced users

Lumenswap provides easiest way to buy a Stellar token / asset. Just visit their website and swap your Stellar Lumens (XLM) for any supported Stellar asset. Today, their team has added spot trading feature that will provide users standard exchange user interface for trading their favorite Stellar assets.

This means you get to see the buy and sell walls, along with charts and latest market trades – just like you do on a typical cryptocurrency exchange.

So, now Lumenswap provides two user interfaces – one simple and one that is little more complex. Order book is standard Stellar DEX which means you get same liquidity on Stellar term, Stellarport, Lumenswap, Interstellar exchange and so on. All of these provide a UI to Stellar DEX-feature.


If you cannot find your favorite pair, which is highly likely since the list consists of just 26 assets (at time of writing of this article), you can click on custom pair and add it that way. This might be confusing for novice users though as it requires you to find issuer account of Stellar asset that you wish to trade.

For charts, Lumenswap is using standard Trading View UI but we found that you cannot use any indicators that trading view provides on its website.