Litemint launches CREDIT token as official in-game currency

Litemint is a gaming platform and cryptocurrency platform loaded with plethora of free games. You can take part in their daily challenges and earn various collectible and rewards.

In the latest beta v0.99.4 of Litemint, its developers have added support for CREDIT tokens. CREDIT is going to be the official in-game currency of Litemint and as expected, it is a Stellar token/asset. Users will be able to earn CREDITS by winning gaming battles or completing challenges.

Users can also spend these CREDIT tokens in their in-game shop at to buy exclusive cards and card backs.

Since CREDIT is a Stellar token, users will be able to trade it over any Stellar DEX. Here is the Stellarport link and anyone can start trading it by using XLM. Trading has already started so if you want to scoop up some CREDITS, feel free to buy some at Stellar decentralized exchanges (like Stellarport, Stellarterm, InterStellar and so on).

If you want to manually add Trustline in a Stellar wallet, here is CREDITS’ token information.



Using, we can see that CREDIT currently has a supply of ~5.6 million tokens. Issuer account is unlocked which means more tokens can be minted if needed.

credit token

Visit Litemint and start playing now. You can play on your computer using their web app or your smartphone through their iOS or Android applications.