Ledger Vault adds Stellar Lumens to list of supported cryptocurrencies

Ledger Vault is an end-to-end digital asset custody solution for institutions.  This vault is backed by 150 million dollars customized crime insurance program to protect your assets. Today, Ledger team has added support for Stellar Lumens (XLM) to their list of 14-crypto assets.

With addition of Stellar Lumens, Ledger Vault now covers 85-percent of total crypto marketcap. Institutions holding Stellar Lumens on Ledger Vault will have full control over their assets, including access to backup recovery mechanism to easily recover their funds at any time.

Funds are available at all times and can be sent just like a normal wallet. Ledger team promises that they never hold your keys. With Ledger Vault, institutions are in full control of their funds.  

All private keys are isolated, encrypted and stored within hardware security module that is not handled by their operators. Ledger Vault also lets you whitelist addresses, revoke and edit permissions without creating a new wallet. This allows you to set your own rules.

Their client list includes Crypto.com, Uphold, CoinShares, Nomura and Legacy Trust.

We think this is a huge news for Stellar community as more and more institutions will now have easier access to XLM, which will drive up market demand for it.