How to cash out Stellar Lumens – How to Buy Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens is one of most innovative projects out there but there could be times where you might have to sell it. In this article, we will show you how to cash out Stellar Lumens (XLM) in few simple steps. We will also discuss how to buy in XLM or any other cryptocurrency.

Step 1 – Finding a cryptocurrency exchange that support fiat transfers.

You will have to find a cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat transfers. If you live in US, you can use Coinbase or Binance.US – both of which supports buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, including Stellar Lumens (XLM) with fiat.

So, register on either portal and move to Step 2.

Step 2 – Moving Stellar Lumens to exchange’s wallet.

Now, you will have to send XLM from your wallet to exchange wallet. For that, go to Deposit panel on the exchange and search for XLM from list of supported cryptocurrencies. Both Binance.US and Coinbase support XLM. Get deposit address and send your XLM to this address.

stellar coinbase

Make sure to enter memo as well from your wallet otherwise, you will have to go through exchange’s support to get your XLM back.

stellar lumens coinbase memo

Then, you can easily sell your XLM for fiat. For that, click on Trade > Choose Stellar Lumens and mention your back account for withdrawing money.


There is another way if you want to convert your XLM to digital dollars. In this case, instead of cashing out to your bank, you can convert to Anchor USD, which is a Stellar asset and pegged to US dollar. There are many other stable coins that are available on Stellar network. To convert to Anchor USD, you can hop onto any Stellar decentralized exchange like or and sell your XLM for Anchor USD or any other Stellar stablecoin like Euro Token (EURT) or NGNT (Nigerian Token).

How to buy Stellar using USD / EUR or any local currency

Step 1 – Buying process is same as selling.

Hop onto Binance.US or to buy XLM. These websites, as mentioned earlier, let you buy Stellar Lumens directly with fiat such as USD, Euro and GBP.

Once your order is complete, we highly suggest you to move them off exchange.

Step 2 – To safely store your XLM, we highly suggest investing in a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

The cheapest one is Trezor One which works just fine for storing XLM. For few more dollars, you can get Ledger Nano S whose company has recently added native integration for Stellar Lumens.

All stellar decentralized exchanges like and have full support for Ledger Nano and Trezor hardware wallets. This is the ideal way to manage your Stellar and other cryptocurrencies.

You can also generate paper wallet or digital XLM wallet from within Stellar Term. Click on “Create new account” to generate a new, unique Stellar address.

stellar address

You will be shown a public key and private key. Public key is your Stellar address while secret key is like your password that you must not share with anyone. Store this in safe place because if you loose it, there is no helpline to call to rescue your funds. They are gone forever.

When withdrawing from exchanges, you send XLM to public key which is your XLM address. And that’s it, you have successfully withrdrawn XLM from exchange.