Freighter is Stellar Wallet for Chrome web browser

Freighter is a Stellar Lumens wallet for your Chrome web browser. It is very similar to Metamask, a very popular Ethereum wallet.

Freighter, like Metamask, is non-custodial wallet extension that allows you to make transactions on Stellar network in Chrome browser. This way, you will not have to copy-and-paste secret keys making signing transactions safer than ever.

While Freighter is still in beta, it is already being supported inside Stellar Account Viewer, Stellar Laboratory and Stellar’s decentralized exchange, Stellar Term. We are pretty sure more and more applications will start supporting this extension.

Freighter is totally open sourced and anyone can see its code on Github.

stellar chrome extension

After downloading and installing it, you are asked to create wallet or import wallet. If you already have a backup phrase from another Steller wallet, you can simply import it or generate a new wallet. Make sure to store backup phrase in safe place as that would be required to access your funds in case you do a fresh installation.

Is Freighter safe? The private / secret key is encrypted and stored inside web browser which is used to sign transactions.

You can download the Freighter web extension from here. It measures 1.47MB in size and available in English language.