DSTOQ Bootcamp App gets launch date

DSTOQ has announced launch date for the Bootcamp application and eLearning courses. Both of them will be made available worldwide on 1st of May 2020. DSTOQ will allow people to make investing easy and affordable for anyone and everyone around the world.

All major stocks will be tradable through a borderless digital interface for security tokens built on the Stellar network.

On the Bootcamp App, users will be able to invest with play money and learn for themselves how easy DSTOQ makes it to buy blue chip shares, such as Tesla or Amazon, as well as bonds, indices and commodities using fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Each security will have a token and its own Stellar address. Tokens will be backed 1-1 by assets held with a fully regulated European bank. So if there are 10 TSLA shares then 10 TSLA tokens, etc. Your exposure is to the underlying security.

There is no word on release date of full application. It will be revealed later. Bootcamp app will be released for both iOS and android. You can pre-order at this link.

Trading fees:

* There are no trading fees or commissions when you buy and sell any of the assets on the interface.
* You are not charged any fees for holding funds in your DSTOQ wallet.