DSTOQ app launches officially today for iOS and Android

DSTOQ will be launching live app today and you can download DSTOQ app for both iOS and android. This is revolutionary trading platform that allows its partner banks to issue Stellar-based assets that represent securities.

Download links:

Each share will be represented by a Stellar token and its own Stellar address. These tokens will be backed by 1:1 by real assets that are stored in a regulated European bank.

Also, each share/security is valued in Stellar Lumens (XLM). So, right now, AAPL costs 4114 XLM and Zoom video is priced at 2802 XLM. This also means that trading pairs with XLM as base currency will near endless.

This app has been in demo phase from past one month. DSTOQ app offers one of the best decentralized solutions, allowing anyone to trade security over the Stellar blockchain.

We congratulate DSTOQ team for amazing work they have done. No wonder they are calling themselves Robinhood for emerging markets.

Both developed and developing nations will be able to trade US-shares without actually having an account in NASDAQ or other US stock exchanges, all in a decentralized manner.