DSTOQ adds support for USD in its app

DSTOQ is an app that lets anyone trade stocks and securities as Stellar tokens. Each stock represents a stellar token and is backed by real assets stored in regulated EU bank. DSTOQ developers have added three new features in its latest release.

First is USD support. This means that each asset can be added in USD. Previously, it was only possible to trade with XLM. This is a welcome addition and simplifies user experience. USD being used here is a USD stablecoin issued by Anchor USD which runs on Stellar blockchain. We have already done a review of Anchor USD which you can read here.

Second new feature is for people living in Brazil and Nigeria. People living here can deposit and withdraw directly from their local bank accounts. This is made possible by nTokens and Cowrie exchange that handle BRL and NGNT stablecoins.

DSTOQ says it will be adding deposit and withdrawal support for more countries in future.

dstoq convert

Third new feature is ability to convert from one currency to another. For instance, users can now convert from Brazilian Real (BRL) to XLM and so on. This makes use of Stellar’s brilliant built-in decentralized exchange.

All these new features make investing more accessible and affordable. You can download latest versions from iOS App Store and Google Play Store.