Crypto Link discord bot lets you send XLM to other discord users

Crypto Link is a discord bot that lets you send instant peer-to-peer transactions to other community members using Stellar network. Their team has just tweeted that its discord bot release on Stellar’s public network will go live on 6th January 2021.

Crypto Link bot is capable of sending Stellar Lumens and other tokens on the network for P2P transactions. This will allow open myriad monetization opportunities for Discord guild users and project promotions and ICO activities at near zero transaction costs.

Once this bot goes live, any Stellar asset will be able to make use of it to send (and receive) tokens in their discord community.

how to use discord bot

If you are interested in testing out this discord bot, feel free to get in touch with Crypto Link team on their discord channel.

Here is its feature list.

  • Custodial Account registrations and statistical profiles
  • Deposit and withdrawal processing
  • Peer to peer public and private Discord payments with crypto currency Stellar Lumen
  • Horizon endpoint queries from Discord
  • Up-Link (Discord activity explorer) system for Guild Owners

The project is totally open source and you can view its source code on github.