Build powerful anchor services using Django Polaris

Jake Urban talked about Polaris that is a django app and framework that allows you to build anchor service according to the standards defined in Stellar ecosystem proposals. It supports SEP 1, 6, 10, 12 24 and 31 and provides everything for integrating custom functionality.

People who build on Poloris will be able to build their anchor with less time and effort. It is totally open source and you can find code at their github.

Send funds from one bank to another internationally using SEP 31

As mentioned above, as Polaris supports SEP 31, it allows two anchors to facilitate international payments. So, the idea is that user A will send money to user B by giving money to one anchor and that anchor will send money to receiving anchor. That anchor would then send money to receiving user.

User A from across the world can send user B payment in a different currency and user B can then use those funds to pay someone else in your currency, you can do so using Polaris SEP-31 app. User B can also cash out funds from his bank.

The best feature here is users using this service would not even know that Stellar blockchain is powering everything. It takes complexity of blockchains out of equation which is very important.

Here is one hour video that explains everything in detail.

You can find documentation at

Keep an eye on Polaris that will help developers to easily deploy an anchor. Also, look out for apps that will be making use of SEP 31 that will allow easy bank to bank international transfers using Stellar blockchain.