Aquarius to improve liquidity on Stellar DEX

Aquarius is a project by Ultra Stellar and is touted to be game changer for Stellar DEX liquidity. It is designed to improve liquidity and push Stellar decentralized exchange’s trading volume to next level.

We all know that SDEX is one of key advantages of Stellar over rival blockchains and networks. It provides fast and cheap asset exchange. SDEX works well with relatively small amounts of funds but it’s difficult to get an acceptable exchange rate with larger amounts.

While there is no easy solution to the liquidity problem, Stellar Development Foundation will be bringing Automated Market Makers in next update that will being more liquidity to Stellar DEX.

Aquarius will be joining battle for liquidity and puts focus on incentives by adding a new liquidity management layer for Stellar. Aquarius adds rewards to SDEX market makers and AMM liquidity providers.

Aquarius is powered by AQUA token – the currency for rewards and on-chain voting. Liquidity providers and traders will earn AQUA by trading on the community-selected market pairs.

Here are some details of the token:

Total supply: 100,000,000,000 AQUA
Home domain:

Issuer account is locked which means no more tokens can be issued.

This will ensure that there are deep orderbooks which in the end would make Stellar better for every person and enable use cases that are currently not possible.

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