Anchor USD is now a zero fees app

Anchor USD is a stable asset / token that runs on Stellar blockchain and it has announced that it has become a zero-fee application. This means that you can now deposit, withdraw, earn interest and trade Anchor USD for free.

There are no fees when you deposit and withdraw from Anchor USD. They have also removed fees when you buy cryptocurrency via bank deposit. And as always, Anchor USD has never charged a dime when depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency.

 So, how can anyone work for free? Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is deeply invested in Anchor USD and with adoption, the price of XLM will go up and this is how Anchor USD will make money.

Anchor USD’s token is also being used as USDX in SDF’s Vibrant app, an app made for South American nations to escape their devaluing fiat currencies like BRL and ARS.

This is a great news for the entire Stellar ecosystem. Zero fee deposits will result in more accurately priced markets on Stellar decentralized exchanges because of reduced cost of arbitrage.

No need to waste your time and money on DeFi and other complex networks. Everything is already available and working on Stellar.